Search Engine & Social Media Pay Per Click Advertising

Google AdwordsPay Per Click programs, PPC or Pay For Performance are terrific ways to extend your business reach beyond your city and even state. The growth in web traffic generated by pay per click services such as Google Adwords and the Bing/Yahoo ad center is a marketing option to be seriously considered if you want to expand your business. With PPC, you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad listing link and visits your website.

Bing Yahoo Ad CenterPay per click targets a specific audience reaching up to 85% of all internet users in a cost effective and immediate way. If done properly PPC can offer a very attractive ROI for your marketing dollars.

Social Media Paid Advertising

With the popularity of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, paid advertising on their networks offers the opportunity to target specific demographics that are important to your business.  It is important to note that advertising on social networks is a bit different than advertising on search engines.  Visitors of social networks have different needs and behaviors than those search for products or services on search engines.  It is important to understand these differences before setting up a campaign on these social networks.  Contact T3SEO today and let us help you optimize your social media advertising efforts.

T3SEO PPC Case Study: Online College Leads

A recent case study of ours is when we developed a “micro website” for generating leads for a large online college.  A previous PPC effort utilizing a “standard” PPC landing page and a $2000 advertising budget resulted in less than 10 leads, with a cost per acquisition of over $200!  We consulted with the in house sales team to learn about their objectives and goals with this particular campaign.  We recommended developing an optimized “micro website” that would better meet the visitors needs which in our experience equates to better conversions.  We built the micro website in less than a week and started running the PPC campaign.  The results?  The site consistently has a conversion rate over 11% and a ROI of over 192%!

How Does Pay Per Click (PPC) Work?

The first step is to select which pay for performance network to use.

Google Adwords AdvertisingThe most widely known pay per click network on the web is Google AdWords. Google AdWords ads reach approximately 75% of all United States Web users. The power, relativity, and reach of makes AdWords the best place to start when considering a pay per click program for the first time.

Although Bing and Yahoo have just consolidated their efforts with Microsoft adCenter serving ads and search results on Yahoo as well as on Bing, they still only account for under 27% of the total search market.

With Google AdWords, you can see your ads in several hours, and have the ability to start and stop campaigns easily. You will show your products and services to millions of viewers and active shoppers using the massive reach of Google.  Google AdWords will typically out perform MSN adCenter when it comes to generating conversions and return on investment.

The second step is to select your targeted keyword or phrases.

At this point you may want to consider increasing the density of your selected keywords in your website’s HTML code, your site’s description, and title. However, we have found that you can still experience great returns using PPC without revising your website, as your PPC ads are triggered by the keywords you selected that are tied to your ad and not your web site’s content.

The third step is to select your monthly budget.

You select the maximum amount that you will pay each month for click throughs to your website. Once the maximum amount is reached your agent will halt click throughs to your site automatically. Additionally, you will select how much you are willing to pay by keyword.

With both Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter, you may pause a campaign or update your settings at any time. There are no minimum monthly spending limits and no contracts or long term commitments. You can select to be charged for clicks after they happen.

If Done Correctly Pay Per Click Can Offer A Great ROI!

Pay per click programs can pay off in increased website traffic, brand identification through impressions, and most importantly in increased leads, prospects, and sales. In addition to exposing your website to a wide qualified audience, targeted click throughs can turn in to sales, generating more profit for your business.

If you are looking for a great way to drive traffic to your website, you should consider adding a PPC program to your advertising plan.

We Can Help Setup Your PPC Program

We can help you to set up your Google AdWords,Yahoo! Sponsored Search, or Microsoft adCenter programs.

  • Set up the account for you.
  • Research your keywords using online keyword discovery tools.
  • Optimize the content and code of your website with your selected keywords if you desire.
  • Create custom ad landing pages for your web site.
  • Create “micro” websites for better conversion rates.
  • Set up your ad text and campaigns.
  • Set up your campaign geographic areas and budgets.
  • Monitor your programs on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Refine keywords or develop new campaigns as needed.
  • Offer recommendations and create your action plan to maximize traffic


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